Artistic Spring Data Neo4j 3.x with Spring Boot and Van Gogh

Data / Integration Track
This session will show, how easy it is to get started with Spring Data Neo4j using Spring Boot. After a quick introduction of the concepts behind the Neo4j NoSQL graph database and its Spring Data integration library, we will discuss the general approach used in Spring Data Neo4j and highlight the exciting, new features of the new 3.x releases which now works with the most recent Neo4j 2.x versions.

During the session we'll demonstrate the development steps of an exciting and unusual application - tracking an famous' artists journey connecting him to the places, paintings, people and other aspects that influenced him. Having this data in a graph allows us to find new insights and conclusions as well as quickly adding different aspects to it.

This application will use Spring Boot and Spring Data Neo4j to get started quickly. We import the data, look at it as a graph visualization and then build a web-application using Spring Boot's supporting infrastructure. As a final step we show how evolving this application from being a just Neo4j client application to a REST extension of the Neo4j server requires only a few steps and can leverage Spring Data REST to provide the neccessary endpoints for consumers.

September 10, 2014

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Dallas Ballroom G
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