Senior Software Consultant, SciSpike, LLC
CTO @, SpringSource Certified Instructor, Spring I/O organizer, javaHispano Core Member
Always thinking about what is next?
Rod Barlow is a transformational senior technologist at He builds great teams who build even greater technology.
Sr. Field Engineer at Pivotal
Tech Lead at ReachLocal
Java and vSphere are the essential kernels for building scalable modern platforms
Field Engineer at Pivotal
Software Professional, Golfer, and Dad.
Big Data enthusiast and software engineer with Pivotal.
Core Spring Framework Committer. Enterprise Java Consultant at Swiftmind. Spring Trainer. Spring User Group Lead at
Senior Software Engineer @pivotal working on @ProjectReactor. Part-time Photographer, Writer, Theologian.
Father, Husband, Grails Developer, Pivotal Engineer, Toxophilite, Heavy Metal Fan.
Mobile Technologist, Innovator, Senior Architect
drink the coffee, write the code, up the punx. | Agile Engineer @pivotallabs | Lil Bub is my spirit animal.
JavaScript and UX fanatic. @cujojs co-founder. Dog-loving, bike-riding, Orthodox Christian, baritone, family guy. opinions are mine
Software Engineer at Pivotal. Groovy guy. Conference speaker. Introvert ( Wrote the static compiler for #groovylang.
Engineer at Pivotal
Compilers/Tools/JavaScript at Pivotal. Triathlete.
Spring Framework committer, Pivotal inc.
Splunk Dev Evangelist, Golfer, Rugby Player, Musician, Scuba Diver, Thai linguist, Chef.
Open source enthusiast, Content Geek, Crafter CMS Product Manager
Ha^H^HSoftware Engineer
Entrepreneur, father to 3 young boys, husband to @r_vogeleisen, director/co-founder of Incept5 & C24, keen photographer, über-geek, travel a lot, 140 chars yet?
Mom, wife and cloud geek
Programmer, consultant, dad, husband. CEO/ Principal Consultant @SimplicityItse1
Sr. Field Engineer at Pivotal Inc.
Founder Gradle, CEO Gradleware
Software architect, developer and mentor specializing in Big Data, noSQL and distributed computing. Organizer of New York City Storm User Group.
Spring XD co-lead and Spring Integration founder
Software architect and developer. Platform Engineer on the Cloud Foundry team at Pivotal.
Senior Architect at STA Group
Technical Lead,
Software Engineer/Architect
Spring Data Project Lead, OpenSource enthusiast, musician, producer... Soul Power!
Delivery Engineering Manager at Netflix.
Expert Software Engineer at Turkcell
Cloud Foundry Java Experience Lead
Javascript Barbarian & Principal Engineer @ Pivotal. Co-founder @cujojs ( Proud dad of three. (views are my own)
Technologist, Software Consultant
Chief Data Scientist at HG Data
Staff Engineer @ Pivotal
Software Developer @ Intuit Inc
Principal Engineer at Pivotal Inc. Spring Framework project lead.
Grails team member at Pivotal Software, Inc.
A passionate aspiring software craftsman with too many ideas and projects in different fields.
Father husband Australian software-developer craftsman computer-scientist author speaker trainer mentor manager innovator committer swimmer cyclist gardener
Software trainer and developer, NFJS speaker, and author of Making Java Groovy
Manager, Global Education Delivery at Pivotal
Cloud Computing dude at VMware. Author, AspectJ in Action.#cloudfoundry and #spring committer.#Scala Enthusiast.
Product Ninja and Advocate at Restlet, and Groovy project lead
I Love APIs
Independent consultant; Groovy language fan
Dad, Cleveland sports fan, Outdoor enthusiast, Software Architect/Geek
developer tools and runtime technology programmer, lead of the Spring Tool Suite at Pivotal, innovator, and coach for agile software development
Josh Long is the Spring developer advocate at @Pivotal. Views reflected don't necessarily represent those of his employer.
Félix López is a software engineer at ShuttleCloud working on data migration and analysis products used by clients such as Google, Comcast, Stanford & Harvard.
- Pivotal Consultant - Spring, Groovy and Asynchronous Enthusiast - on @ProjectReactor -
J2EE Architect looking at groovy/grails. Organiser of the french Riviera GUG
Principal Software Engineer at Pivotal Software, Inc.
Husband, Father, Technologist, Author of Pro Spring Batch, Woodworker, Photographer, Educator, Thrill seeker, Student. Thoughts are my own.
Software craftsman. Spring framework team member
Computer language & chocolate addict, Groovy & Gradle committer, creator of Spock framework
JVM Engineer at Couchbase
Software Developer, CTO of ThirdChannel
Principal Software Engineer at Pivotal
Software Developer / Architect
Software Engineer
Stream processing.
Staff Engineer at Pivotal
Software engineer making Big Data more accessible for Spring developers
Grails Project Lead at SpringSource - a division of VMware
API Architect / Evangelist, Grails Developer
Principal Engineer; Spring Integration/AMQP Lead, Pivotal Software Inc.
JFrog Developer Advocate
Live like you are going to die tomorrow, learn like you are going to live forever
Software Engineer
Advisory Field Engineer at Pivotal Inc.
I tweet about cloud and PaaS offerings. Mumblings about other computer related stuff.
JFrog and AlphaCSP founder.
CEO, Project Leader, IT-Architect @ LARUS Business Automation S.r.l.
@CloudFoundry Platform Engineer at @GoPivotal. DevOps/Continuous Delivery/Microservices junkie. Christian, husband, dad, Flufftalker @NoFluff.
Spring Framework team member, Pivotal senior staff
father, coder,... with yet so much to learn having so little time
Lifelong student of computer science, eternal optimist
Senior Engineering Consultant at Pivotal
Agile Engineer at Pivotal Inc.
Principal Software Engineer at Pivotal
Test-bitten script junky at Pivotal and member of the Spring team.
Architect | Programmer
Proponent of Grails,Groovy, Linux and cloud computing. Co-Chair of the Austin Groovy and Grails Users Group. Maintainer of several Grails plugins.
Writer of Code, player of Bass. Author of GVM, the Groovy enVironment Manager.
Co-Author of RabbitMQ in Action. Working at RabbitMQ. Made in Uruguay
Founder of Agile Orbit
Spring Framework committer and co-lead of Spring Boot
Technologist, Architect, Open Source Advocate
I'm older than I look, but age is of no importance unless you are a cheese.
SVP of R&D at Pivotal
Open source enthusiast, @SpringSecurity Project Lead, @SpringLDAP Project Lead, @SpringFramework commiter, Employed by @pivotal, Author
i make the codez.